Increase development power with top-level CTOs - Hire the best-qualified CTO!

Wondering how to hire a good CTO? We employ some of the best developers who are aware of all the current trends in technology and have an average experience of 15+ years.

Increase development power with top-level CTOs. Use the products developed by our team that has attracted users worldwide - 4 CTO with expertise 15 years +, 41+ million customers with DAU 150K+.

Hiring the wrong person for key company positions can be disastrous and cost a business a lot of money. Increase the strength of your company by hiring out the CTO who truly is the best for the project.

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Validate, estimate, or audit your existing projects - Create a vision for future innovation!

Set big goals that put your business ahead of the others. Be competitive – visualize your codebase, infrastructure, and system architecture.

Planning future steps? Our specialists will validate and audit your existing projects, develop the concept of digital transformation, and will help to implement your digital projects.

Ensure the compatibility of your future plans, troubleshoot faster, and more effectively hire employees. Our knowledge is based on experience working across hundreds of projects on building IT technology solutions.

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Build a custom CRM solution to align with your business needs - Start defining your requirements!

Looking for custom CRM solutions? Build custom CRM solutions in accordance with your business processes.

We can build a CRM system that fits all your business needs. We will help your business to align its own CRM software to increase conversions, retention, and virality.

If you want to build a custom CRM solution with your own forces it can become very costly and take time from your IT department's other assignments. Ready to explore CRM that is designed especially for your company?

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What our clients say

TT services team helped us to decide what digital tools to use and how to use them. This is a big win for both of us as it allowed us to accelerate the development of our business.

VP Business Development, Caribbean region

We loved the brand-new technologies and consumer-driven approach during the project. I can highly recommend using their service.

CEO, GameSoft Ltd, Malta