Fixed costs projects - Set your company up for success

No project starts without a budget. Besides, everyone wants to make a project and know exactly how much that is going to cost.

Our fixed-cost projects guarantee the delivery of the solution in a specific time frame and cost. We estimate our projects based on SRS and risk evaluation, which helps us to predict project costs in any situation.

There is always the risk that the project price will be calculated incorrectly. Our calculation is always as accurate as possible!

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T&M projects - You can use our workers for your needs

Time&Material is a working model that allows the client to pay for the time, not the result. Set big goals that put your business ahead of your competitors!

We understand that the creation of products is a constant development process, that is why we charge our clients based on the "direct expenses + management" fee approach. Our clients do not pay us for the development and implementation of the program, they pay for the hours spent by our employees on development.

Usually, the project plan is based on plenty of information and full project specifications. This can bring a lot of uncertainties and increase the risk of an incorrect evaluation. Working with T&M projects our managers reduce the risk of unexpected costs. We divide the project into parts with a clear deadline allowing the client to see what they will get for their money.

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